We here at Udemy are huge fans of OpenCourseWare. Personally, I learned how to code from MIT’s Intro to Computer Science, and now I get paid to do it. The content is seriously invaluable.

Unfortunately however, there is an almost exponential decay in the number of views of an OCW course from the first lecture to the last. Some courses are losing up to half their audience with each lecture. This is because there is almost no support for students taking these courses. We want to change that.

Starting today, we are accepting applications for people to “adopt a course” from OpenCourseWare on Udemy. This basically means that you as an instructor will  accept a small number of students, define a schedule for people working through the content, lead discussion, and answer questions posted on the discussion board. And if you want to do more, such as giving tests, creating supplemental content, or leading live discussion, we encourage it. The goal is to develop a nice community around the courses, so that students can help each other.

If you are interested in adopting a course on Udemy, shoot me an email (jack *at* udemy.com) with the name of the course you would like to adopt and a sentence or two on why you’re qualified. Here is a list of the most popular academic courses on Udemy.

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