Adapting to Change: It Doesn’t Always Have to Be Hard

adapting to changeChange, it’s a word that rolls out of the mouth so easily.  It’s not multi syllabic and can be uttered in a single breath, change.  So, why is it that the word change evokes panic in the hearts of some when it is heard or said?  Change is all around us and is constantly occurring.  It is something that we deal with daily, we may just not be as aware of the changes occurring until someone points them out to us.  Instead of feeling assured by one of the few things in life that are certain, many of us get thrown into a panic when we stop to think about how we will be impacted by change.  Since change is inevitable, it is something that no matter how unpleasant we have to learn to deal with.  Learning how to manage change and navigate new processes can be challenging, but will pretty much guarantee that you get through life feeling a lot less stressed.  We all feel stressed at times, learn how to manage your stress in a healthy way by enrolling in our Stress Management course.

A good rule of thumb to try and follow when you have to adjust to a new change is to know that you may not necessarily have to like the change, but you should try and form expectations that can lead to success under the new circumstances.  At a personal level, there are three areas that you need to focus on in order to make these adjustments to your expectations.

  • adaptingtochangeMental: You need to be able to think about what changes are forthcoming and how you will deal with them.  Processing changes will be easier once you have had a chance to understand them and how they will impact your day to day activities.
  • Emotional: Embrace your emotions.  Identify how upcoming changes are making you feel.  Are you feeling, scared, sad, anxious, happy, threatened, excited or overwhelmed?  With so many possible emotions it is important to identify which ones you are feeling so that you can better communicate them to others.  If you are like most people, you may struggle with letting others know how you are feeling emotionally.  Join others who want to improve their communication skills by enrolling in our Mastering Emotions In Everyday Conversations course and learn some tools that will help you handle your emotions during everyday interactions with others.
  • Physical: Your body reacts to how you are feeling.  Have you ever felt the urge to run to the restroom before a big presentation?  Or felt your face get red or hot when you have felt embarrassed?  This is your bodies way of dealing with emotions.  You need to prepare yourself for the physical changes that will accompany your emotional state of mind when preparing to deal with impending changes.  Exercise is a great way to help you deal with stress and anxiety.  Yoga for Stress will help navigate and manage your stress in a healthy manner.

Since change is such a broad concept, we should try and take a step back and reevaluate how we have dealt with it in the past and think about ways that we could have handled it better, or handled it in such a way that it did not have such a big impact on our everyday lives.  Try and format your life in such a way that you begin to feel as though you are always ready for a change, instead of having the mentality that you will fear every change.  Change your way of thinking, Change?  Bring it ON!

Expect the Unexpected

adapting to changeRealize that change is something that is always going to occur in life.  The one thing that never changes about change, is that it is constantly happening.  So, maybe it’s time to change that way that you look at this constant.  When things don’t seem to be going the way that you had expected, balance the hopes that you may have that the situation will change, with a bit of realism when things are going well.  Expect the unexpected, when things are going poorly, or a situation is not going the way that you expect it to, think about real ways that you may be able to change the momentum of the situation.  When things are going well, be prepared for things to take a turn for the worse and plan ahead for them.  If you try to learn to expect the worst, you will be left pleasantly surprised when things go better than expected as well as prepared for them if they do take a negative turn.  Learn to accept that you’re not a fortune teller, you can’t predict the future and you can’t plan for every scenario.  Accept that you may not like or be ok with the outcomes or directions of some situations and try and construct a non-defensive plan to deal with these difficult situations.  By learning how to expect the unexpected you will be one step ahead of the game and be prepared to handle whatever is thrown your way.

Change Is Good

Change gets a bad rap in my opinion.  Change doesn’t always have to be bad, I actually look forward to it.  It challenges me and makes me look at things differently, when I successfully navigate through a change that I may have found difficult I feel proud of myself for having gotten through it.  The first step to changing your perception about things is to stop thinking that any changes that occur will be negative or unwelcome.  Start with little things that you may have been wanting to take the time to change, but haven’t gotten around to.  Have you been wanting to paint a room but feel overwhelmed by all of the color choices that are available?  Begin by picking up some interior decorating magazines and paying attention to the colors that you are attracted to in the pictures.  Visit home furnishing stores and try and find rooms that may have furniture that is the same color of yours, do you like the colors of the walls in the store?  If you do, ask a sales associate if they can give you the name of the paint color.  Seeing what your changes will look like, or feeling that you are prepared for them will make them easier to handle.

The Evolution of Love

Relationships need to evolve to survive.  They are another great example of change that is constantly occurring as well as change that is likely to occur in the future.  If you have been with your significant other for a long period of time you have probably noticed some changes more than others, and I’m sure that there may be some things that you wish you could change for your partner.  Relationships grow, just like the people that are in them.  You and your significant other need to change to adapt to one another and support one another or a relationship will most likely not survive.  Your feelings for each other may change over time, you will go from enjoying spending time with one another, to loving one another, marriage may be in your cards, and the future may even hold a baby.  Change in relationships can sometimes challenge a couple.  It’s how the couple handles the changes together that will tell whether they can stand the test of time or not.  Being able to communicate in a relationship is key, if a change is taking you by surprise, or making you feel uncomfortable make sure to talk to your significant other about it.  Learn how to communicate with those that you love, build deeper connections and relationships that last.

Don’t let the fear of change let you miss out on the possibility of great opportunities.  A little preparation will help you to prepare for whatever life throws your way.