Acupuncture For Weight Loss: Pressure-Point Your Way To Slim!

acupuncture for weight lossLet’s be honest — we all want to lose weight, and if it were up to us, we would choose the most easy, effective, and fool-proof weight-loss plan possible.  If it were up to us, we would live in a world where calories were never counted, and no matter how much food we ate, our bodies would only keep a steady 2,000 (or less) caloric amount.  Unfortunately, however, weight loss is a lot less thinking and more doing.  But what about acupuncture?  Is there some way that this traditional method of Chinese can work to minimize our waist line and help us ditch the pounds?  Although no wave of a magic wand is going to help you with weight loss, acupuncture addresses certain areas of your body to help you down that road if you are trying to lose weight.  Get out a comforting cup of green tea, and get ready to learn how to poke and pressure-point your way to better health!

Benefits of Acupuncture

Again, acupuncture will not cause weight loss by itself, but it can definitely help when implemented into a healthy lifestyle.  Here are some of the ways that it can be beneficial to you during your slim-down stage:

  • Metabolism:  Acupuncture will help you regulate your metabolism.  Many people are overweight because they overeat, have slow metabolism, or are burdened with dysfunctions of the thyroid.  Acupuncture works to stimulate your thyroid and endocrine glands to stabilize blood sugar levels and get your body in tune with new dietary and health changes that you may need to make to incite weight-loss.
  • Cravings:  Acupuncture is known to help food cravings by controlling your sugar levels and metabolism.  If you happen to be a smoker or tobacco chewer, it can help control these substance cravings as well.
  • Digestion:  If you can attest to have led an unhealthy lifestyle, chances are that your digestion is not all that because of this.  Acupuncture will help to harmonize and cleanse your digestive tract to keep your system and organs in balance.  Soon, discomforts such as bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation, or diarrhea will be things of the past!
  • Calming:  A majority of people have unhealthy eating habits because they lead high-stress, anxiety-ridden, and exhausting lives.  Acupuncture helps to calm and relax your body, making life’s every day challenges much more conquerable and manageable.
  • Cleansing:  Not all cleansing methods require a detox of some sort.  Acupuncture helps to cleanse your system by riding of harmful toxins that have built up overtime.

Using Acupuncture for Weight loss

Now that you are aware of all the benefits that acupuncture can give you on your weight-loss journey, let’s look into some detailed steps you need to take to achieve the proper benefits that acupuncture has to offer!

  1. Set a goal:  Acupuncture is great for helping you lose weight, but you will need to make other lifestyle changes as well.  As such, it is helpful to set a goal that you want to achieve and see how you can factor acupuncture in to help you get there.
  2. Care:  Find a qualified acupuncturist that you feel comfortable with.  Search online, consult friends or your primary care doctor, or ask around for a referral.
  3. Chose a Plan:  Once you have chosen an acupuncturist, talk with them to come up with the best plan for you.  Be sure that you are aware how long you will receive treatment and how frequent you will need to visit your acupuncturist.
  4. Follow your Plan:  No plan will work if you do not follow it.  If you hit any road blocks, talk to your acupuncturist so that they can reevaluate your treatment plan.
  5. Keep at it!:  Once you reach your goal, determine your next stage of action.  You will have to continue keeping to a schedule to maintain balance in your health.

Identifying Body Parts

Before you go into your treatment, your acupuncturist will need to know where your body needs the most help.  Here are the parts of your body and the reasons that it may need to be treated:

  • Ear:  Addressing points in the ear are popular for weight loss because they cover many parts of the body.
  • Mouth:  If you eat a lot or binge impulsively, using your mouth as a pressure point will work to help you control your eating habits.
  • Stomach:  In addition to your brain, it is usually your stomach that is the first to tell you that you are hungry.  Often times, your stomach may not know when to tell you it is full.  Points on the stomach can help prevent overeating and make your stomach more communicative in knowing its limits.
  • Lungs:  Acupuncturists like to use points on the lungs to treat people who have food addictions or tend to go a little overboard with sweet treats.
  • Endocrine:  The endocrine system can suffer from water retention, which plays a part in a person’s weight.  Acupuncture in these points will help you balance the hormones in this area.
  • Ovaries:  Women know that any type of hormonal imbalances or menstrual-related symptoms can lead to weight gain.  Acupuncturists can pinpoint this in the ovaries to prevent any weight gain from ovary-related issues.
  • Kidney:  Kidneys can also be responsible for water retention when met with any stress and anxiety, which acupuncture can help to manage.
  • Thyroid:  Problems in a person’s thyroid can lead to overeating and general slow metabolism.  Acupuncture helps to treat your thyroid by controlling symptoms that are associated with hypothyroidism.

Puncture Your Waistline Down!

Keep in mind to stay realistic about your goals.  An overall balance and sufficient changes in your diet and lifestyle can help your weight loss journey proceed and execute smoothly. provides some wonderful online courses on acupuncture and holistic medicine for any of your Eastern medicine needs.  Get ready to pin-point your way to a better body, mind, and spirit!