Acupressure Massage: Find Your Points of Relief!

acupressure massageThe next time that your friend gets a headache, try taking their hand and squeezing the area between their thumb and index finger.  They may do one of three things A: refuse and think you’re crazy, B: think that you are a magician, or C: be pleasantly surprised.  This point in your hand is actually an acupressure point that is commonly used with pressure to relieve headaches or migraines.  Instead of using needles, acupressure provides the same effects as acupuncture; but by applying pressure.  Explain this to your friend, and the next thing you know, you might be applying pressure to all your friends and family!  With your newly found skill, we are going to go over the basics of giving an acupressure massage by going through the steps and clarifying the specific acupressure points that you should look out for.  Get ready to give you or someone you know some easy and helpful relief today!

Points Used in Acupressure

Before you actually perform acupressure or an acupressure massage on another person or yourself, you are going to want to know the proper acupressure points.  Clearly, you do not want to go around pressing places for no reason!  So, let’s take a look at a few of the points used in acupressure.  Their names might seem a little strange, so pay attention!

GB-44: Gall Bladder 44

English Name:  Yin Portal of the Foot

Locale: On the outer corner of your fourth toe, closest to your smallest toe.

Apply:  Pressure

Benefits:  The portal of the foot is used to resolve any anger issues that you might have while enhancing your focus and ability to make decisions.

LIV-1: Liver 1

English Name: Great Esteem

Locale:  On the bottom corner of the nail on your big toe.

Apply: Pressure

Benefits:  Will produce assertiveness in a person and help them think for themselves.  It will also help with self-esteem issues.

LIV-2: Liver 2

English Name: Moving Between

Location:  A bit above the web area between your big toe and second toe.

Application:  Move your finger counterclockwise over this area.

Benefits: Helps reduce any internal anger.  Do not use this area when you are feeling heat in your body.

LU-1: Lung 1

English Name: Middle Palace

Locale: At the top of your chest directly under your shoulder.

Apply: Pressure

Benefits: Emotionally, it works if you are feeling any emptiness internally concerning your inner worth.  For internal emptiness and making contact to one’s inner worth.  Physically, it is good for helping with asthma and coughs.

LU-9: Lung 9

English Name: Very Great Abyss

Locale: Locate the depression beneath your thumb on the palm-side of the wrist.  Find the point in which you can feel your pulse, and this is the point.

Apply: Pressure

Benefits: This point will help for feelings of grief cause by loss and longing, spiritual emptiness, and other regrets.  Additionally, it can help with dry skin, asthma, and coughing.

SI-19: (Small Intestine 19)

English Name: Palace of Hearing

Locale: Just before your ear in the front of your ear canal.

Apply: Pressure

Effects: It helps with gaining insight and to focus on listening to your heart and the heart of others.  However, do not use this point regularly – only sparingly.

SP-6: Spleen 6

English Name: Three Yin Intersection

Locale: At the inside of your lower leg, and four fingers above the top of your ankle bone.

Apply: Pressure.

Benefits: This point helps to calm, relax, and reduce any irritability or worry that you may be feeling.  Do not use this point on women who are pregnant.

TB-17: Triple Burner 17

English Name: Wind Screen

Locale: Find the bottom part of your ear and in the depression point behind the earlobe.

Apply: Pressure

Benefits: This will help you to care less and be less sensitive of what others may think of you.  Reduce your worries!

acupressure massageHow to: Acupressure Massage

Those are just some of the basic acupressure points used for an acupressure massage.  However, you can find even more in this acupressure blog!  Now, let’s get onto the massaging.  Here is how you will perform a traditional acupressure massage:

  1. Go over the pressure points that we have mentioned above.
  2. Obtain help or assistance from a friend or family member that you do not mind touching you.
  3. Find a place or environment that you can relax and feel comfortable in.  A lot about acupressure involves letting your body fully relieve itself of tension.  Therefore, it is essential to put away and turn off all electronic devices or things that may be of distraction to you.  If it helps, use aromatherapy or play some relaxing music.
  4. Depending on what pressure points you are choosing to focus on today, get into a position that is going to be comfortable for you when pressure or rubbing is applied to that area.
  5. Conduct your massage on the given pressure points.  Massage, press, and rub that area until you can feel a noticeable change in sensation.  The results may take awhile depending on how bad your tension or pain is.  Be patient, and keep working at it!

Tips for the Road

Here are a few helpful tips we are going to leave you with before you move on to massaging!

  • If you want to create a bond with a friend or feel closer to a family member, consider practicing these massage points on one another, as it will help you both decrease stress and create connections.
  • Additionally, even younger children can perform these simple techniques with a little help and instruction from their parents.  They will definitely feel strong and capable if they know they are helping a loved one feel better.  Explain to them how these points work!
  • These are just some simple points and massage techniques that you can practice at home.  However, if you have an ailment that needs more attention, be sure to seek out the help of a professional acupressure practitioner for more detailed help and advice.
  • Like many people, when you are struck with a pain or an uncomfortable sensation, a pill or form of prescription medication might seem like the best option.  However, keep in mind that lifestyle changes and natural healing techniques have better healing properties and are much safer for your overall well being that any drug.

Massage Away the Pain!

If you have been feeling a little bit stiff in the joints lately, or are feeling a bit emotionally down, try a natural and easy acupressure massage in the comfort of your own home or a relaxing environment of your choice.  Soon you will be practicing on others and yourself, and reaping the benefits of this long practiced natural Chinese healing treatment.