50th Anniversary Cakes for Parents or Grandparents

50th anniversary cakesYou can get design ideas for 50th anniversary cakes by looking up bakery company websites. Making the wedding anniversary cake yourself for your parents or grandparent’s wedding anniversary is a very special gift so you want to come up with someone spectacular for them. By searching on the Internet you can browse hundreds of cake photos and get a lot of great ideas for wedding anniversary cakes.

How to Find Cake Supplies

When you make this special 50th anniversary cake, you are going to need some special supplies. You will want to purchase your decorations at stores that specialize in caking making or in craft supplies. The grocery store is no longer the place for you to buy supplies for making cakes. You don’t have to use just those old crusty, machine made sugar decorations anymore. Now you can get gorgeous cake making supplies and specialty stores.

The fondant supplies for cake making will allow the amateur cake decorator to turn out a professional looking cake masterpiece. The cake making supplies manufacturers have websites dedicated to helping you learn how to decorate cakes. Browse through their cake photos and when you find one that you like, click on it. This will take you to the list of ingredients that you will need to make that cake. You will also see the step by step instructions on how to make that particular cake. The cake supplies company wants to make sure you have everything you need to make that beautiful cake because they know if your cake turns out gorgeous then you are going to make a lot more cakes. If you make a lot more cakes then you will buy a lot more of their cake decorating supplies!  So they really do a great job of putting up a lot of different cake designs and instructions on their websites.

Cake Decorating Ideas

For 50th anniversary cakes you can go a little antique in look and designs for your cake. A particularly beautiful idea for decorating the cake is to make the cakes in stacked cubes and frosted with plain rolled fondant. Then dress up the fondant by pressing actual old pearl and rhinestone broaches down the side of the cake. Top the cube cake tower with a huge ribbon. You can do this sort of decorating with the fondant because it isn’t very messy like a buttercream frosting is. Just be sure to remove all pieces of jewelry from the cake before serving. When you select the antique jewelry to use on the cake, use larger pieces so that there aren’t any very small pieces missed from removal.

Cupcake Towers

Cupcake towers can make gorgeous 50th anniversary cakes by using elaborately decorated cupcakes and arranging them on tiers that will spark memories from their original wedding. Suppose they had their wedding outdoors in a wooded park, then you can make the cupcake tower from slices of an old tree, complete with the bark still on for a very rustic, wilderness look. Add a touch of gold spray paint to highlight the bark and add a little 50th anniversary gold to the look. You can decorate the cakes with little fairies and flowers and anything else that will bring back their original vows.

Painted Cakes

It is possible to get an image made that can be painted right onto your cake. We live in an incredible age now!  You can upload the wedding photo of the 50th anniversary couple to the website and add text or tinker a little bit with the photograph. Then submit the photo and the company will mail you an image transfer that you apply to your cake.

You can turn this idea into a business if you want to make special image transfers onto cakes as a day job. You can buy the edible ink, the special printer and supplies online and start selling these cake transfers to your friends. You can put people’s photos right onto their cakes and other desserts for special occasions. It is a really fun idea.

Try To Recreate Their Wedding

For the happy couple’s 50th anniversary, try to incorporate as much from their wedding as possible. For the wedding cake, cookies and decorations use the colors they used for their wedding. You can make cookies using one or more of their colors and decorate the table with them. You can use the colors on the cake decoration. Of course, you want to decorate the room with their wedding colors and flowers.

Try to incorporate any feature that was prominent at their wedding like the flowers they chose. If it was carnations then decorate loads of cupcakes with carnations. You can use real carnations and place them onto the frosting that day so they are still fresh or you can recreate them with frosting if you are that talented.

If you can find out what they served for dinner at their wedding, it would make them so happy to create that menu for the anniversary party. Try to find a relative that attended the wedding to find out the original menu.  You don’t want to ask the anniversary couple because you want the recreation to be a surprise.

Party Planning

It is quite a gift, giving a party for a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary. Of course, you should have 50th anniversary cakes that are decorated with items from their original wedding plan. If you can, you should also hire a photographer or videographer to record this special, golden anniversary for generations to come to enjoy. If you have enjoyed planning this 50th anniversary event for your parents or friends then maybe you will want to do this sort of wedding anniversary planning as a career. There are many jobs that involve joyful celebrations and they are a very happy way to make a living.