4 Unavoidable Issues You Encounter When Starting Yoga

       In the pursuit of health and wellness there are many options. From Zumba, to Crossfit, to other organized classes. The options are almost endless. Like many, you may have been bitten by the yoga bug. Yoga is an age old form of exercise that combines stretching, static holds, and achieving a higher understanding through intense thought and meditation. However, many people encounter a similar set of issues:

1. Sweating excessively.
When this happens to your yoga mat.

2. When this happens to your yoga mat.

Advance Pose

3.Comparing yourself to really advanced yogis.

4.Feeling really gross about how sweaty you are when your yoga instructor touches you.

      Thees issues may seem intimidating at first. Taking on any new kind of fitness routine involves tackling a learning curve. Luckily the 14-Day Yoga Detox and Empowerment Course offers a comprehensive yet concise introduction to this age old exercise modality. Keep it up and you will be on the lifelong journey to health wellness and understanding.

Keep it up and you'll be as good as Dhaslim somday

 Dhaslim the world’s greatest video game yogi.