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You published your course on Udemy, and you may have executed the course launch strategy of the century—but you’re now wondering: How do Udemy instructors continue to drive $500 and $5,000 every month through their own promotions (on top of what Udemy is driving to their courses)? In other words: How do I automate my marketing so I can make a sustainable income on Udemy? In this article, we show you the 4 steps to setting up your sales funnel—all steps current top Udemy instructors are using.

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 YouTube subscribers, 20 or 20,000 monthly visitors to your website, do this today so you can start doubling your automated course sales.

1. Add an email opt-in, above the fold, to your website.

If you have a website, then you must have a place to capture the emails addresses of your website visitors. This is referred to as an email opt-in. Here’s the thing: If someone comes to your website and is interested in your content—free or paid—they need a way to keep in touch with you. And you need a way to keep in touch with them—that way, when you publish a new blog post, video, or Udemy course promotion, you can send them an email and they’ll have the opportunity to read, watch, or buy your content!

Make sure your email opt-in is above the fold. Make sure it’s prominently featured and one of the first things someone sees when they land on your site. Why, you ask? Well, the #1 priority of someone building a brand and business should be to make a sale and/or capture a potential customer’s contact information.

Add a tempting call to action button so visitors are excited about giving you their email address. For instance, if your email opt-in call to action button says, “Register,” that’s not as exciting as, “Send my training!” or “Let’s do this!” or “I’m in!” Think about your audience and what words would excite them.

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2. Add an irresistible incentive so visitors join your email list.

Once you add your email opt-in form to your website, you want to ensure that you get the highest conversion possible. In other words, of the 2,000 people visiting your website every month, what percentage of them are joining your email list? This next step will help you convert as many people as possible.

Offer an incentive that your audience will be excited to receive as a gift for joining your email list. Have you published your Udemy course? (Of course you have!) So, you can say: “Enter your email and receive 40% off my top selling course: Drawing Secrets of a Veteran Comic Book Artist.” Other incentives can include: A 10-page ebook that consists of a series of tutorials or trainings: “Enter your email and receive my bestselling ebook 15 Top Tutorials on Drawing Comic book Characters.”) Other incentives can include: your top 10 most revealing blog posts, your 3-video series on Starting a 6-Figure Coaching Business, etc.

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3. Set up an autoresponder sequence for your email opt-ins.

After someone opts into your email list, you want to welcome them and send the incentive you promised them (e.g. 40% off coupon for your Udemy course, free bestselling ebook, etc.). Next, you want to set up a series of emails that automatically go out over the first 10 days or so of someone subscribing to your list. Most of the popular email list management products give you the option to schedule a series of automated emails a.k.a. an autoresponder sequence.

The purpose of setting up an autoresponder sequence is to ensure that every single new email subscriber is: 1) warmly welcomed to your list and 2) given the opportunity to read, watch, and buy your best content. Remember: People subscribed to your email list because they like your content and want to learn and hear from you! So, don’t be shy—set up your first 3 automated emails to get them acquainted with all you have to offer. Read the sample emails below, and feel free to steal them and modify for your course and audience!

Email #1: Send immediately after they subscribe—Welcome them, provide the coupon for 40% off your Udemy course, and tell them to look out for future helpful emails from you.

Email #2: Send 2 days after they subscribe—Share a Lesson of the Day, remind them about your Udemy course, and share a Fun Fact!

Email #3: Send 5 days after they subscribe—Share a Quick Tip, Stats about your Udemy course (# of enrollments or a general, “…excited about the students who joined my course so far!”), and provide the 40% off coupon + invitation to write a review.


4. Optimize your social media channels to capture emails.

Congrats! You’re on the final step to setting up your sales funnel. Now that you’ve optimized your website for building your email list and converting them to join your Udemy course, let’s optimize your other channels.

Remember that the goal is to automate your marketing. So, let’s put your other channels (YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) to work for you. That way, anytime you publish a new YouTube video or add a new photo on Instagram, any eyeballs that see your content, will also see an irresistible link to your Udemy course and website.

Go to each of your online channels or pages and make sure that your Home or About page mentions that you teach the top selling course “How to Sing Karaoke Like Elvis.” You can also include messaging like, “Get 40% off my How to Sing Karaoke like Elvis course now” and use your instructor coupon code to drive them to your Udemy course.

Secondly, for those who aren’t ready to purchase your Udemy course right away, you can mention that if they join your email list, they’ll receive 40% off your Udemy course, and link directly to your home page or email opt-in page.

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Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 5.41.41 PM

And that’s it! Those are the 4 steps to setting up your sales funnel. After completing these, you will be on your way to automating a portion of your course marketing so you can earn a sustainable income on Udemy month over month and focus on other important things like creating more courses, engaging with students, and well… living. 🙂

Have you set up your sales funnel? Please share your site below! We’d love to see more examples your fellow instructors can learn from.

Page Last Updated: February 2020

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