30th Birthday Cakes You Can Make and Sell From Home

30th birthday cakesThere are a lot of 30th birthday cakes you can make yourself and they will look amazing. You don’t have to have a professionally made cake to celebrate this milestone in your life. There are all kinds of really cool designs to choose from and easy instructions to follow to get you a fabulous cake for your special birthday.

Cake by the Numbers

The most obvious design is a cake that is in the shape of the numbers. So, you have one cake that is the number three and another cake that is the number zero. Number cakes have a lot of advantages, really. It is very easy to cut a cake that is a number and more people get the frosted sides, so less battles over the frosting. Also, it is just cool. Usually people will put candles on top of the cake that are in the shape of numbers, which you can still do, but it is a lot more fun to have the entire cake be in the shape of a number.

It is easier to bake numbered cakes than you think. There are a couple of different types of baking pans that will help you bake cakes in the shape of numbers.

The first kind is the most obvious cake tin, a tin that is the shape of the number itself. These cake pans resemble a Bundt pan but are in the shape of a number. The sides are rounded and there is a pan for every number. The disadvantage to this baking tin is that it might be years before you need to use the number three pan or zero pan again. If you make number cakes every year then you will end up with ten different pans and that takes up a lot of space in the cupboard!

The other kind of cake tin to make cakes in the shape of numbers is the letters and numbers cake tin. This cake pan allows you to make any number or letter shape by using just this one cake tin. At first glance, this tin looks like a normal sheet cake tin and there is nothing special about it. However, there are square inserts that go inside the cake tin. By placing these special square blocks inside the tin, the surrounding area of the pan will spell out a letter or number. The big advantage of using a pan like this is that you need only this one cake tin to make the design of any letter or number that you wish.

Where to Buy Cake Supplies

The best place to purchase your cake tins is on a discount website like eBay. You can get cake tins for a fraction of the cost of the tins in the stores because on eBay you can purchase them directly from the Chinese manufacturers. Most cake tins are going to be made in China, so just cut out the middle man and buy direct.

For other supplies like fondant and frosting, you will need to find a bakery supply store. Sometimes you can get lucky and find plenty of cake making supplies inside a craft store or at a big box store like Walmart. Any place that caters to bakers or home crafts should have at least a limited supply of cake making equipment, frostings, colorants and pastry bag supplies.  If there is nothing local that can help you with cake making supplies, most of these supplies can be purchased online.  You can search the Internet to find “cake making supplies” online or go to Amazon.com to find a seller.

Cake Design Ideas

Cake designs are everywhere and for your special day you want to see a lot of really cool 30th birthday cakes for inspiration. The numbered cake is pretty cool, but there are a lot of other cakes out there that are really cool also.

A search in Google can bring up loads of images of 30th birthday cakes if you use the image search feature. Go to Google and then look at the upper right side of the page. You will see the word “images.”  Click on that then it will pull up the search page for images. Type in “30th birthday cakes” and it will pull up hundreds of pictures of cakes for a 30th birthday.

The Best Looking Birthday Cakes

The neatest and cleanest designs for cakes are always going to be the rolled fondant cakes. These are the cakes that have the really awesome designs and look like a work of art. If you are not yet an experienced cake decorator then this fondant stuff is the stuff for you. You can make absolutely perfect cakes every time by cutting and pasting fondant onto the cake.

If you are not very artistic, then use the Google image search for inspiration. Find a cake you really like and save that picture to your computer. Buy your supplies and just cut out the designs you see in the photo and paste them to the cake. It is that easy.

Another place you can get design ideas with step by step instructions on how to make the cake is on the website of the fondant or cake supplies manufacturer. The manufacturers of these supplies know that the more help they give you to make cakes then the more of their supplies you are going to purchase. These manufacturers typically have an extensive collection of professional looking cake designs that you can choose from. When you click on the cake photo it will take you to the list of supplies you need to make it and also the instructions to make that cake, step by step.

Of course, when searching photos for ideas then Pinterest is the perfect place to find ideas on any subject, thirtieth birthday cakes included. Whenever anyone finds a spectacular photo, people will pin it to their Pinterest board. You can get loads of ideas for your cake there.

Great designs are created by professional cake decorators so a visit to their bakery or visiting their page online can be very inspirational. You can come up with loads of ideas on which colors to use and the overall look of your birthday cake. Brilliant cake designers are not found inside grocery stores, these types of bakeries are found in large cities and they only make specialized cakes that are works of art. If there are no bakeries of this sort in your town, then you will find these types of bakeries posting their cake photos on Facebook and on their website.

What is Hot This Year in Birthday Cakes

A hot special occasion cake is the cupcake. You can do incredibly beautiful things with cupcake designs today because there are so many supplies now. You can make many different flavors of cupcakes to include everyone’s favorites or allow your guests to feast on a variety of mini cupcakes.

Cupcakes lend themselves to making parties fabulous by giving variety and an explosion of colors and designs. Some party planners make towers of cupcakes or small tiers of cupcakes. Each cupcake is a work of art and bunching them all together can make a bouquet of beautiful designs or even make a picture.

Making Spectacular Birthday Cakes

Whether you are making a birthday cake for the first time or are the go-to cake person for your family and friends, you might find you really like it. You might like this type of baking so much that you will start your own cake decorating company. Supplies are so plentiful now and easy to find. The Internet is loaded with really great design ideas and it is now easier than ever to run a cake decorating business for wedding cakes and other special occasion cakes.

Starting a business can be stressful and difficult, but with the right training it is really worth it in the end. It doesn’t matter if you are starting a bakery or another kind of business, the way to run a business and be successful with it is the same for all small businesses.

You might even want to start a company that caters to cake decorators and sells them the supplies that they need to make their cakes. Usually, the best businesses are the businesses that help others make money. There is never a shortage of people who want to get rich by being self-employed and by catering to them and teaching them, you can make your fortune. So, today you might be making 30th birthday cakes for yourself, for friends and family but tomorrow you will be running a cake decorating enterprise for the entire community.