1st Birthday Cakes for Girls: Designs and Inspiration

shutterstock_106896347Finding 1st birthday cakes for girls on the Internet is fairly easy and they will give you some awesome design ideas for your baby’s very first birthday. Of course, you want this cake to be incredible and hopefully you won’t have to break the bank to get one. The least expensive way to get a beautiful cake for your baby’s birthday is to make one yourself. It isn’t that difficult if you have the right supplies and instruction.

The Easy Way to Make a 1st Birthday Cake for Girls

The easy way to make a birthday cake for your little girl is to use the cake making craft supplies to do it. That rolled fondant is really your new best friend when it comes to making special cakes. You can cut out super cute designs and layer them on the rolled fondant. The cakes you can make with this stuff are so gorgeous. Sure, your baby won’t remember her first birthday party, but you will and so will everyone else. So, you need to make a cake that is awesome, both in photos and in person.

Birthday Cake Design Ideas

Make a cake in the shape of a number one. If you purchase a cake tin in the shape of the number one then you can use it for a lot of other occasions. You can use it to make a cake to celebrate when a friend comes in first place in a contest or wins an award. You can also make celebratory cakes when a family member gets a raise at work to let him or her know they are #1!  So, the number one has a lot of uses after you use it for your girl’s first birthday and it won’t just take up space in the cupboards until she turns ten.

You might want to go traditional with making a pink cake, but if you feel that is overdone then you can go a little off the pink color and more towards peach. There are no rules saying that your little girl’s birthday cake has to be pink, though!  She isn’t going to care, she just wants some cake. If you’d like to impress your party guests then you can go with more seasonal colors on the cake or design around a specific toy’s colors that you will have on top of the cake.

Birthday cakes can be cube, square, long sheet cakes, round, layered and even tiered. You can do anything you want because it is your design and a cake for your baby. You now have loads of options in cake decorating and you aren’t limited to that little corner of the grocery store that sells those little sugar flowers and birthday candles. Now, you can make a work of art by purchasing supplies for cake making in a craft store or a bakery supply store.

How to Get Cake Design Ideas

You can find loads of first birthday cake ideas on the Internet. Use the search keywords of “1st birthday cakes for girls” and you will see hundreds of pictures of cakes come up. There are so many really cool cake ideas out there that it is difficult to choose between them all.

Make a Duck Cake

You can make a duck shaped cake with a specially designed cake tin that is in the shape of a duck. Use yellow buttercream frosting piped onto the cake with a star tip to give the duck feather texture and use a different tip for the wings. Of course you want to go yellow or white for the feathers and more of a yellowish orange color for the beak. Use a gumdrop or flat candy discs to make the eye.

But you don’t have to have a flat cake in the shape of a duck, another duck idea is to make a double layer round cake and add ducks to it. If you frost the cake using rolled fondant then you can also use that to cut out duck shapes to make 3D ducks that sit on top of the cake. You can also get fondant molds to make little duck designs to decorate the sides or top of the cake. There is a lot you can do with that fondant that will give you a beautiful and professionally decorated cake.

Searching for Cake Designs

If you want to look at a lot of designs you can visit a local bakery or a cake specialty shop. Some of the best designs you might find in a shop that makes only highly decorated cupcakes. Cupcakes have become a business all by themselves now and there area some incredibly beautiful designs. You might decide to just buy these awesome cupcakes for your little girl’s birthday and forget all about making cakes.

There are a lot of cake designers that come up with awesome and unique designs for cakes. When they make a new cake design then they post photos of it on their social media accounts. So, you should do searches for cake decorating, bakeries and cupcakes and follow some of these bakers to see their designs.

Other 1st Birthday Tips

Pastries for the Adults

Keep the birthday crowd happy with a variety of delicious food to nosh on as they chat with other parents and play with the children. Baking some impressive pastries and cookies will keep the party sophisticated and encourage the adults to feel part of the celebration as well.


The memories are the best part, so enjoy yourself and remember to take natural photos of the children and adults as everyone enjoys the party. Everyone loves the photos of babies diving into their 1st birthday cake!

Starting a Business

After doing all this work finding 1st birthday cakes for girls designs, you might decide that you love this kind of work. It might even turn into a baby related business where the business is making cakes, teaching yoga with babies or even baby massage. There are a lot of creative and delicious business ideas that you can start from home so that you can get back to work  even with your limited schedule.