It’s not a job just anyone can do – and someone definitely has to do it. Being the resident HR manager can have its challenges. You stay on top of new regulations and laws, juggle in-office drama and plan next year’s training budget, all while playing both the good cop and the bad cop. If you’ve ever had to experience the trials and rewards in your company’s HR department, you’ll likely find solace knowing you’re not alone with these 18 familiar moments.

1. You’ve recruited new employees in a Lyft Line, Uber Pool… or anywhere, really.


2. You play mom or dad at holiday events to make sure everyone gets home safely after a few glasses of wine… and to keep office gossip to a minimum on Monday morning.


3. You’re the official vault for office secrets. Who’s ramping up for a promotion? Who’s coming back from maternity leave? Who’s looking to transfer to another office? You have the inside scoop on everyone.


4. Legally snooping on people’s lives is actually part of your job description. The things you’ve seen on background checks…


5. You feel like a codebreaker when talking shop. What looks like a smattering of random letters to other people actually means something to you — PPO, HMO, HAS, FSA and SDP just scratch the surface.


6. Most people might be able to guess how many hours a year they work…. you know the exact number. (Ahem, 2080)


7. You’re all too familiar with the experience of walking into a conversation between coworkers… only to have them go radio silent.


8. Your nurturing and trustworthy professional qualities translate into out-of-office emergencies (you’re listed as the primary emergency contact for almost everyone in the office).


9. You’ve (almost) become numb to the many awkward run-ins with candidates in public places. On a date at a movie theater? Check. At the spa or gym? Check, check.


10. Just the mere mention of the phrase “serial interviewers” is enough to drive you crazy.


11. Working in a smaller office means a greater chance of you also turning into the office Jack or Jackie of all trades. “No,” you think to yourself. “I don’t know how to fix the printer.”


12. You know everyone’s food preference and you’ve given up trying to please everyone, even when it comes to free food.


13. Sometimes issues arise in the office…  and suddenly everyone is an expert in HR and comes rushing forward to offer unsolicited advice on how to handle it.


14. Even though you’re well aware of the looming dates, you have September 30th and October 1st marked boldly on your calendar.


15. You know what a 51/50 is… and you dread ever having to use it.


16. Being the friendly HR person doesn’t always pay off. No matter how many people you personally know, you are not eligible for an employee referral bonus.


17. Your friends and family come to you when they need your help negotiating offers and assisting with severance packages.


18. You practically have a countdown until the next new hire’s start date — you are beyond excited to bring new talent onto the team and see them in action.


When it comes down to it, any job has its ups and downs, but HR employees have a unique set of them. It’s important to have a knowledgeable HR leader behind the scenes to ensure most days are a win for the team… or at least to make sure the office doesn’t go up in flames. No matter what each day brings, HR people can agree that they are lucky to be a part of the lives of employees and to help ensure they have positive work experiences.

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