Looking to add a little learning to your calendar this month? Whether you’ve got a little extra time thanks to a slow summer schedule or you want to pick up new skills to help you meet those Q3 goals, it’s the perfect time to focus on professional development. We’re excited to present some of the most in-demand business and tech skills that have recently been added to Udemy for Business

Business skills

1. Change management

Change is one of the only things we can rely on in the business world, yet dealing with change on an organizational level rarely comes easily. According to research by McKinsey & Company, 70% of change management efforts fail. At the same time, companies with excellent change management efforts gained an average of 143% of the returns they expected. It’s no wonder, then, that change management was named one of the top 10 soft skills for the workplace in 2019.

Managing Organizational Change for Strategic Results helps learners identify and manage the human aspects of implementing change. The course provides tools and templates, making it easy to take action. Learners will come away from this course with a simple change management framework and a robust toolkit they can use on the next change project at your company. Instructor Vicki Hart works with executives and their teams to initiate strategic change, nurture innovation, and increase alignment to improve individual and organizational performance. She has designed and led change management initiatives in many Fortune 500 organizations across multiple industries.

“I really enjoyed this course. Very informative and practical and I especially found the key takeaways and deliverables at the end of each lecture a really good way to recap and remember what I just learned.” – Course review

2.  Interview training

In today’s knowledge-based economy, companies rely on the creativity and innovation of their people more than ever. This means that companies face a lot of pressure when hiring. Finding and retaining talent is a major concern for most executives. In fact, according to The Conference Board’s 2019 C-Suite Challenge Report, globally, across all regions, CEOs rank attracting and retaining top talent as their #1 internal concern. Yet despite all this concern at the executive level, many employees are asked to conduct interviews and assess candidates with no formal training in this area.

Interview Training for Hiring Managers and Teams is built for both hiring team members and hiring managers who need an efficient yet effective primer on the interview process and tactical tips for conducting interviews and evaluating candidates. The course covers how to create a five-star candidate experience, define your company’s Employer Value Proposition, design interview questions, and more. Instructor Elizabeth Shober is a seasoned Head of Talent with over 20 years’ experience in recruiting for both agencies and in a corporate environment.

“I appreciate the mixture of tactical and experiential ideas.” – Course review

3. Product management

Product management has become one of the most in-demand jobs in recent years. According to Hired’s 2019 State of Salaries report, it’s also the highest-paid job in tech. Why all this focus on the profession of product management? The rise in the importance of product managers reflects the shift from shipping software to shipping the right software for customers. And it’s the product manager’s job to figure that out. According to Deloitte, customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than their peers.

For those who are interested in learning the basics of product management, Product Management 101 is a great primer. This course is recommended for people with 0–5 years of product management experience and is designed to help learners become more strategic product managers. Product Management 101 covers the best practices of product management work, including market intelligence, strategy, new product development, and lifecycle management.

Instructor Todd Birzer has taught over 30,000 students on Udemy and is the author of Becoming a More Strategic Product Manager (available on Amazon). He is a principal consultant at Kevolve Product Management and has an MBA from Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania.

“Informative course which covers all the relevant topics, practices, models and frameworks regarding contemporary product management. Relevant topics presented knowledgeably and include templates and practice activities. Worth every cent.” – Course review

4. Building influence 

The power to influence others is a key to success both in our personal and professional lives. We regularly need to persuade others to adopt a new idea or way of doing something. Whether you’re in sales, marketing, or another area of business, persuasion is a skill that always comes in handy. As many organizations move away from hierarchy and adopt flatter structures, the ability to influence without authority is becoming even more valuable. Influence and persuasion are two aspects of communication, which was named one of the top 10 soft skills in the workplace for 2019

Influencing Others Positively at Work and in Life covers important skills in influencing, persuading, and negotiating. In this course, learners will leverage practical tools and techniques to apply influence, gain commitment from others, foster collaboration, and acquire the specific competencies, behaviors, and attitudes necessary to achieve desired results from others. Vertex Learning is a strategic learning partner and talent management consultancy that offers several communication courses on Udemy.

“Fantastic course that provided ethical, principled insights with concrete, meaningful tools. Thank you!” – Course review

5. Project management

“Over the past 20 years, project management has grown from an afterthought to become a central part of every business. Today, project manager skills are in high demand as companies recognize its importance to their success and bottom line,” writes Udemy instructor Joseph Phillips. Project management involves the coordination of resources to complete the project scope in a set amount of time with a limited amount of funds. Industries from software development to construction and manufacturing rely on project managers to build and deliver final products that are within budget and on time. 

Joseph’s course, Project Management for the Real World, covers how to successfully implement project management in real-world scenarios. This isn’t an exam prep class, but a project management class to boost the learner’s role as a project manager. The course includes topics such as the roles and responsibilities of a project manager, how to gain consensus on project goals, and how to estimate time and work with deadlines.

Joseph Phillips has more than 15 years of experience as a project management consultant, educator, technology consultant, business owner, and technical writer. He has consulted as a project manager for a range of businesses, including startups, hospitals, architectural firms, and manufacturers.

“I have taken one or two courses from Joseph, and as always, he never fails me. He’s a great teacher with a wealth of project management experience.” – Course review

Tech skills

1. CompTIA A+

The IT world is constantly evolving. As a result, widely used certification exam provider CompTIA launches new exam versions every few years to reflect current best practices and technologies. This month, CompTIA will be retiring its 220-901 and 220-902 exams and replacing them with its latest 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams.

Named one of the 10 best entry-level certifications by CIO Magazine, CompTIA’s A+ is one of the most popular IT certifications for those pursuing a career in IT tech support and field operations. As a vendor-neutral credential, it covers a broad range of IT skills, from hardware and networking to operating systems and security. It’s recommended that even seasoned IT professionals keep their CompTIA A+ certification up to date since it casts such a wide net across IT and its related fast-moving skills.

CompTIA A+ 2019 Certification 1001. The Total Course and CompTIA A+ 2019 Certification 1002. The Total Course help learners prepare for the 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams, respectively. These courses cover topics such as how to repair and configure mobile devices, hardware, operating systems, and securing computers, mobile devices, and networks.

Instructor Mike Meyers has been involved in the computer and network repair industry since 1987 as a technician, instructor, author, consultant, and speaker. Mike has an easygoing, approachable, and funny teaching style that has helped newbies and experienced techs alike learn valuable IT skills. He’s taught over 160,000 students on Udemy. 

“This course is nothing shy of incredible. Mike has an excellent way of keeping you excited and entranced about each topic. He lays everything out in perfect layman’s terms, and his enthusiasm is always refreshing and invigorating. Without a doubt, I’d recommend his teachings to any person, from any background. Whether you’re looking to get into IT, wanting to advance in your IT career, or are simply a nerd thirsty for knowledge, Mike’s videos have something to offer you.” – Course review

2. SwiftUI 

SwiftUI is a framework for Apple’s Swift programming language that’s used across all Apple devices. According to The Next Web, SwiftUI “allows developers to create UI elements with an expressive, simple declarative syntax. Crucially, this can be done without writing mountains of code.” Swift has helped millions of developers create amazing apps with easy to learn yet powerful clean code and SwiftUI brings that same ideal to the visual side of apps. The ability to drag and drop UI elements is an especially appealing aspect of SwiftUI.

SwiftUI – Build Beautiful, Robust, Apps introduces many key concepts of SwiftUI, including how to build your first SwiftUI app, Xcode previews, using SwiftUI for MacOS, WatchOS, and tvOS. Instructor Nick Walter has taught over 130,000 students on Udemy on a range of topics including iOS, Android, Django, Kotlin, Python, HTML, and Blockchain. Nick writes, “I love sharing my excitement for coding with my students, and I try to make learning as fun and as easy as possible.”

“I liked the flow of the course and how complex concepts were taught in a logical sequence.” – Course review

3. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has become a popular choice for companies like Bloomberg, The American Cancer Society, and more thanks to its world-class security, simplicity, and adaptability (applications can be run on other clouds with no changes in infrastructure). It’s also the cloud platform of choice for 49% of IT managers according to SADA Systems.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – For Techs is designed for anyone who is getting started in IT, system administrators/engineers, developers, or anyone who is interested in learning Google Cloud Computing. This course introduces key concepts and how to operate Google Cloud efficiently. Instructor Rajesh RP is a cloud engineer with experience troubleshooting skills for servers (Linux and Windows) and network devices (Cisco, F5 Networks, and Brocade). His company was an early adopter of SDN (Software Defined Networking) solutions and he has been very involved with this implementation using the VMWare NSX software (and its predecessor – Nicira). 

“This course provides good insights to Google Cloud Platform and does do a good job about explaining some of the Google services and components of GCP.” – Course review


SAP HANA is a business data platform that processes transactions and analytics at the same time on any data type. This game-changing and best-selling product helps companies solve data, reporting, and latency challenges and unleash their potential with a real-time platform. Becoming familiar with SAP HANA is an effective way to get started with the new and exciting world of real-time reporting, analytics, and big data.

SAP HANA Implementation, Modeling and Reporting Course is designed for consultants, developers, architects, functional team members, and students. The course covers SAP HANA architecture and use cases as well as different methods and tools to get data from SAP and non-SAP sources. By the end of the course, learners will have a strong understanding and practical knowledge of SAP HANA and be able to develop an end-to-end scenario on SAP HANA. Instructor Junaid Ahmed has taught over 20,000 students on Udemy. He has a background in enterprise software and has worked for over 10 years on building enterprise applications, reporting, and security products.

“Excellent! I like the instructor in terms of his pace at which he is covering this course. Very easy to follow. Thank you!” – Course review

5. Fortinet FortiGate firewall

Gartner estimates that by 2019, 80% of enterprise traffic will be encrypted and 50% of attacks targeting enterprise will be hidden in encrypted traffic. Fortinet’s FortiGate firewalls offer strong security at a good price point, making them “one of the most popular firewall vendors and a frequent finalist on enterprise shortlists” according to eSecurity Planet. FortiGate reduces complexity with automated visibility into applications, users, and network and provides security ratings to adopt security best practices. 

Fortinet FortiGate Firewall – Admin Crash Course covers how to be a FortiGate administrator and is designed for beginners to network security and professionals who have experience with Check Point, Palo Alto, and other vendors’ firewalls and want to get to know FortiGate firewall. Instructor Ofer Shmueli has 15 years of experience in network security and Wi-Fi deployments. Ofer has worked as a director of products, innovation, and development in telecom companies.

“Very good course, thanks. Very friendly, easy to understand, good tone of voice.” – Course review

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